Smart District Innovation Challenge 2023

An innovation challenge for the Deputy Commissioners to build their district Smart in light of the Vision 2041: Smart Bangladesh with regards to Smart Citizen, Smart Society, Smart Government, and Smart Economy

MoFA-a2i AI Innovation Challenge 2023

Propose an AI solution to automate the extraction and analysis of key information from the mission documents and other sources for improving efficiency, accuracy, and decision making ...

OTT Platform Innovation Challenge 2022

Content distribution has changed throughout history, and Digital Platform is the next big thing worldwide. When Covid-19 stopped our lives from moving, OTT platforms gave us the entertainment window on the go! To communicate with the citizens of tomorrow, it's now needed ...

Letter Builder Innovation Challenge 2022

Propose an innovative solution in building custom letter templates to ease the communication of government offices.

Pregnancy Monitoring Innovation Challenge 2022

Propose an innovative pregnancy monitoring solution that can continuously track vital and danger signs during pregnancy cycle.

Women Financial Inclusion Innovation Challenge 2022

Propose a marketable solution to contribute to reducing the gender gap in financial inclusion in Bangladesh.

CMSME Innovation Challenge 2022

Propose innovative solution for CMSMEs to get better access to finance, lower their cost of capital, and steer away from exploitative, high-cost informal loans.

Traceability Innovation Challenge 2022

Map out, introduce and integrate all actors of a particular sector starting from the root level of the supply chain and cross-check at every possible point to bring digitalization and its proper use.

Rocketry Innovation Challenge 2022

Model rockets, regardless of sizes, can’t and should not be launched from any location. They must go through a certification process and be launched from an approved launching ground.



What is an Innovation Challenge?

Innovation Challenge is about solving a well-regarded problem. a2i circulates the problem and innovators are asked to submit their idea or solution to solve that.


How many days are required to get the final results?

It may take about three months from the launch date.


What are the evaluation stages?

Generally, 4 steps of the process, shortlisting, Bootcamp, technical evaluation, and approval from the Executive Committee.


What are the selection criteria?

innovative concept, feasibility, strategy, implementation plan, management team, etc.


What additional support will be given to the innovators?

Marketing, promotion, partnership, intellectual property support, fundraising, mentoring, training, etc. will be given from seed to growth and scale-up stages.


What is the winning prize?

Up to 1 crore BDT, considering the due diligence and technical evaluation.


Should I submit a technology-based solution?

a2i Innovation Fund invites innovators to solve problems with technology-based solutions.


Why should I participate in the Innovation Challenge?

Innovators have the opportunity to participate in national problem-solving as well as financial, technical, mentoring and other necessary support from a2i and industry leaders.


Who is eligible to submit an idea/solution?

Any individual/team/company/consortium/organization is eligible.


What to do if I don’t get a confirmation email?

It would usually mean that you have not been selected primarily.


Where to contact for any query or feedback?

Any query of generic nature related to content, design, service, or technological issues can be sent through email or contact form.


What to do if I face any problems regarding registration, login, password recovery or difficulty in submission?

Delete/clean your browser history, cache, or cookies and try again. If you still face difficulty, please email us at or contact us through the Contact Form.