What is Challenge Fund?

Challenge Fund is a competitive process, intended to solve a national problem, where the wining innovative ideas or projects will be awarded a fund or grant for implementing the solution.

The purpose of Challenge Fund is to

  • Address and seek solutions of the problems which are seemingly unsolvable.
  • Involve general people to find solutions of these problems.
  • Create enthusiasm among the people of a fair competition and winning awards and recognition in solving national problems.
  • Trigger early stage nationwide scalable innovation and offer required financial and technical support.


Problem Statements

An Editor has to be built to drafting note and letter with Rich Text Editing, Table, Numerical Calculation, Nonbreaking Space, Auto Resize, Auto Spell Checker, Easily Code Adjustment, Alignment, Auto Link and for Auto Save Information facilities

There are few challenges for deploying those types of Editor Panel Service. And these are: Creating an effective editor panel is a time lengthy process. Lots of R&D works are required.The hosting service and traffic management of the tool should be efficient in order to undertake concurrent editing operations.Implementing such services may often require different third-party integrations. Necessary upgradation and documentation should be needed in this regard.
Application must be submitted by
November 10, 2021



Who is eligible to apply?

Any consortium/organization is eligible to apply if the solution is practical and feasible.


Can I apply with a non-technical solution?

No. Only technical solutions are encouraged.


Can I enter the competition as an individual?

NO. Any individual interested to apply must get associated with an organization before applying.


How many steps of evaluation are there in the process?

3 steps. Shortlisting, Screening and Technical Expert Panel Evaluation.


What is the winning prize?

-Maximum fund of 25 lac BDT for piloting the project. The amount of fund will be decided by Technical Expert Panel and Executive Committee of a2i.


When will the results be announced?

The selected proposal applicants will be contacted from a2i as soon as the evaluation process has been completed.


What to do if I don’t get a confirmation mail?

It would usually mean you are have not been qualified.


Where to contact for technical problems?

Please send your queries at aif.support@a2i.gov.bd