Low Cost Communication Device for persons with speech disability

Around 10 % of the total population is affected with disability and it is not limited to mental or physical impairment. 3% of the population can neither hear nor speak. It is very difficult for these people to express during emergency situations like when they are attacked or need medical assistance. The devices available for the convenience of their communication are generally very expensive and unaffordable for the underprivileged people. The project “Low-cost communication device” by the innovator Kazi Bajlur Rahman has been facilitated by A2I under Service Innovation Fund in order to develop the talking assistant device for the first time in Bangladesh at a reasonable price. This talking assistance device for people who cannot speak will guide them whenever they will travel alone and need to communicate with other people. The device has been locally developed in order to promote local innovation and utilization of in-house local expertise. The device is the lowest price in the national and international market. It has a sound detecting emergency button that vibrates upon loud sounds nearby the user to signal the user about vehicle horns. The icons of the device are customizable upon the users need. The device is so affordable that any developing or least developing countries can also avail this easily. The system has been installed in a mobile phone device by disabling the calling services so that anyone in the family of the person with disability cannot misuse the device as a mobile phone.

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